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Keeping you up to date with cd releases from the best independent record labels, with a bias toward the classical and jazz genres.

In 2004 my wife and I set up Orinoco CDs . Orinoco is a niche mail order supplier for New Zealand customers, with a loyal customer base.

The number and quality of independant cd labels has blossomed in the past 30 years, now accounting for a significant segment of the non-downloaded classical market – and we are able to sell at a reasonable price. If you’re hunting for that elusive but timeless piece, let us do the detective work, so you can just enjoy the music.

Please email us for any purchases, payment will be arranged by direct bank deposit or cheque. Orders from New Zealand residents only. An additional $2 postage fee applies for single cds, $4 for two or more. Delivery approx 2-6 weeks, according to import stock availability.


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Mail: Orinoco CDs, 36 Miro Street, Masterton 5810, NZ


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